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Aubergine Partners offers one-on-one executive coaching, team coaching, and leadership coaching from one of our Accredited Energy Leadership Coaches. Individuals and groups work in a  competency focused, one-on-one coaching program using Core Energy Coaching and a design thinking process.

Coaching is regarded as a privilege and a benefit, proven to have increased productivity and customer and employee engagement up to 83%.


Our Coaching Platform, DESIGN – ALIGN – SHIFT, follows a design thinking process, focuses on personal and professional values alignment, and shifts thoughts, emotions and actions from the CORE…

Are you bringing your “A” Game?

Our Platform

Core Energy

Core Energy Coaching is the process that connects one’s inner purpose and passion with their outer goals and strategies in order to achieve extraordinary and sustainable success.

Aubergine Partners integrates design thinking with the Core Energy Coaching platform.

The design thinking process includes assessing purpose and values, discovering desired outcomes, creating feasible strategies/goals, navigating evolving energy shifts, and testing for sustainable achievements.

Our Values


Enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment


Rely on true character, personality, and spirit


Suspend judgment and welcome opportunity


Accomplish a noteworthy act in spite of obstacles, and sustain with aligned values

Performance and Growth

By using the most advanced approaches to organizational and leadership development, our coaches are able to consistently impact the growth and personal performance of each client we serve.

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Values underpin our approach to life, personally and professionally. It is important to understand your own values in order to ignite and align them in your daily surroundings.

Values drive behaviors and create company cultures. Truly successful companies use values at the core of all decision making.


Values Underpin Success


“At the end of the day, the position is just a position, a title is just a title, and those things come and go. It’s really your essence and your values that are important.”

Queen Rania of Jordan


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“Siobhan’s ability to work on key relationships within our organization was a tremendous contribution to our results. I had the opportunity to work with Siobhan with international teams where she quickly gained respect from local cultures and made significant contributions. She has an approach to recognize individual strengths and utilize these to move a team forward.”

James W McBride | Principle | James W McBride & Partners


“Siobhan is an extraordinary coach, electrifying in her delivery of a program! Her training sessions are informative, highly entertaining and engaging. Her passion is contagious and colleagues of all levels leave the session primed and full of energy.”

Gert F. Kopera | Chief Operating Officer | d.ream


“Siobhan O’Leary is an exceptionally talented Mentor and Coach. She has been instrumental in shaping my career and my subsequent success over the past 10 years. Siobhan is positive, encouraging, and brings a dynamic energy to all her work. She is not going to agree with everything you say! Coaching is not about someone being your best friend, it is about identifying your skills, abilities, and untapped potential and developing goals and a support system to get you there. She will not shy away from an opportunity to push you past your fears. Siobhan always acts with the highest level of personal and professional integrity, she will always do the right thing.”

Katherine Bastow | Director of Talent Excellence | Hyatt Hotel, Albuquerque New Mexico | Hospitality Ventures Management Group


“Siobhan is a true hospitality professional. She is extraordinarily well connected, has strong leadership skills and the confidence and ability to get things done. All this points to a strong understanding of our business and the natural ability to coach and mentor teams in house or externally as an Executive Coach.”
Tony McHale | General Manager | Burj Al Arab Jumeirah


“I had the privilege to work with Siobhan O’Leary for many years at The Mark Hotel in New York where she was a valuable member of The Mark Hotel Management team. Siobhan was very thorough, organized, and very professional in heading the Human Resources department, with a success in assisting people in their development and matching them in the right roles, assisting with identifying talents, building relationships, and understanding the multicultural work force.”
Jean-Luc Deguines | General Manager | The Knickerbocker Club


“When Siobhan speaks to a group of executives, the team is all ears. As great motivational speaker, she works the room, drives the agenda and clearly has fun while doing so. Enthusiasm spreads through the audience and engages them one by one.”
Caitlin Kim | President | Studio Gain


“I have worked with Siobhan for over a year now and she is one of the most intuitive coaches I know. She can quickly get to the heart of the issue and gives me the opportunity to find the answers myself. She is, indeed, my blind spot indicator. I highly recommend Siobhan for her depth of knowledge and expertise in coaching, HR, and training, and her servant leadership style. She can help you get where you want to go!”


Sandi Mitchell | CPC, ACC, MBA | APEX Leadership Coaching


“Siobhan is truly a one-of-a-kind talent. She can see opportunities better than anyone and has a good business sense.”


Gary D. Praetzel, Ph.D. | Dean College of Hospitality and Tourism Management | Niagara University, NY


“Siobhan is one of the best communicators, motivators, and leaders I have met in my 30 years of business. She has the ability to think strategically and determine how to deliver the message in the most effective manner. Whether speaking to a group of 100 employees or a smaller meeting with senior executives, Siobhan will deliver the proper message and achieve the best results better than anyone I know.”


Douglas T. Hendrickson | President | Hendrickson & Co.

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