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Aubergine Partners is a people-strategy firm helping companies achieve business results and retain talent.

We work with  organizations  to  build successful people platforms and define a philosophy that optimizes structure, and creates positive company culture.   

Our Focus

Partnering with  growth organizations to Scale Culture, Operationalize Values, and Accelerate Leadership Behaviors.

Culture is more than a philosophy; it is a structured system of people, beliefs and behaviors that can be analytically evaluated and intentionally developed

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”    Albert Einstein

Our Approach

 Our Design Thinking leadership approach taps into unrealized potential through personal core shifts and increases productivity and engagement. 



Through observation and communication, we tap into the strengths of and what works in the organization to gain clarity and support the AGILE leadership.


We use our insight to define new procedures and processes and get agreement to build powerful TEAMS. 


 We activate a range of leadership tools and strategies to empower your team to perform and fully ENGAGE in the organization. 


As we collect data and feedback, we refine the communication process and adapt to real time discoveries. Our data-driven approach enables us to identify areas for realignment and measure progress, and adjust to get BUSINESS results our strategies accordingly.

Measuring Cultural Success

Our data-driven results speak for themselves.

In a study Gartner conducted at the end of 2022, they found that high-performance companies (better revenue growth, profitability, and market share than the competition) were nearly 6x more likely to report having very healthy cultures.

Global Industry Results



51% of companies with a strong coaching culture report  higher revenue than their industry peer group.



Direct reports of effective coaches outperform by 25% and have a 40% increase retention rate.




One on One Coaching increases leadership effectiveness by 83% and overall productivity up to 400%. 

These are challenging times to be leading an organization – there is no playbook for managing the new normal of work – and Siobhan has been a thoughtful sounding board and provided invaluable perspective and counsel. I especially appreciate her focus on asking good questions, and encouraging that practice in me, and in providing useful examples and resources from elsewhere.

Cynthia Steele | President and CEO
EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation

Working with Siobhan is like having a new Rolex Watch.

Jackie Nixon | VP, Human Resources
Cipriani, USA

Thanks to Siobhan . . . for what was clearly a transformative experience for everyone. We learned. We listened. We presented. We confessed. We grew.

William Brandt Wood | Special Projects
Woodhouse, Dallas, Texas

Siobhan is a truly exceptional executive coach. Working with her has given me wonderful insight into myself and how I was unwittingly contributing to my own work stress. The tools that she shares for approaching challenging leadership situations are easy to remember and highly effective. This experience has been transformative for me. Highly recommend!

Cristin Heyns-Bousliman, Esq
Principle & Practice Leader & Human Resource Consulting

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