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Our Programs

Leverage competencies, communication, values and agility.

Outputs and Outcomes

Breathe oxygen into your organization.

Our O2 Initiative is designed to help businesses  develop and connect the strategic operating system and leadership operating system by focusing on outputs and outcomes.

Leader as a Coach

A human centered approach.

Our leadership mastermind framework allows businesses  to onboard talent, upskill leaders, and accelerate team growth with agility and results.


Mental Fitness

A gamified approach to positive intelligence.

Our  6-week app-guided practice promotes positive intelligence and mental fitness among high potential and high impact team members and individuals.


By focusing on an integration of both outputs and outcomes , we see success in retention, alignment, impact and results.

Our validated framework is grounded in clarity, mindset shift, and choice for leaders to stay ahead of the change.

“The most effective teams use 6x more positive language than negative” – Harvard Business Review

Developed in collaboration with Apex Catalyst Group


Strategic Operating System

Get the important things on the scorecard,  simplify complexities, and align on tactics, and the communication cadence.



Leadership Operating System

Get to solutions faster, more accurately, and develop a common leadership language on your team. This sustains the business long-term


Leadership Mastermind Framework

A new model for onboarding talent, upskilling leaders, and accelerating teams.

The coach-centric approach in our rapidly changing world is unilaterally being sought after  to navigate through change.


Developed in collaboration with Just Think Hospitality
  • Leading with Growth Mindset
  • The Art of Communication
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Barriers to Success
  • Mental Fitness
  • Leaders as a Coach
  • Dynamic Relationships
  • Feedback Essentials and Having Difficult Conversations
  • Power of Gratitude
  • Case Study Presentations


  • Strategic Thinking & Goal Setting
  • 12 Week “Year” Roadmap
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Alignment

This program facilitates continuous personal growth and development of one’s mental fitness.

Individuals and or teams build a foundation of mental fitness by strengthening three critical mental muscles to remove barriers to success and foster real-time self-development and application.

Elements and Benefits of the Program

This 6 week App based program is gamified where participants have access to habit forming exercises, the audiobook of Positive Intelligence and the link to take you saboteur assessment. The weekly 30 minute discussion with a small Cohort for further self development discussions allow for real time application.


"These are challenging times to be leading an organization – there is no playbook for managing the new normal of work – and Siobhan has been a thoughtful sounding board and provided invaluable perspective and counsel. I especially appreciate her focus on asking good questions, and encouraging that practice in me, and in providing useful examples and resources from elsewhere."

President and CEO
EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation

Cynthia Steele

"Working with Siobhan is like having a new Rolex Watch."

VP Human Resources
Cipriani, USA

Jackie Nixon

"Thanks to Siobhan . . . for what was clearly a transformative experience for everyone. We learned. We listened. We presented. We confessed. We grew."

Special Projects
Woodhouse, Dallas, Texas

William Brandt Wood

"Siobhan is a truly exceptional executive coach. Working with her has given me wonderful insight into myself and how I was unwittingly contributing to my own work stress. The tools that she shares for approaching challenging leadership situations are easy to remember and highly effective. This experience has been transformative for me. Highly recommend!"

Principle & Practice Leader & Human Resource Consulting

Cristin Heyns-Bousliman, Esq

"Creating a winning culture and positive team environment was always an essential priority when opening my business. After a successful first year, I wanted to keep the momentum going. Being in leadership positions my entire life, I was confident in my ability to manage a successful team. AND..after working with Siobhan, I learned that I can lead my team more effectively by matching comprehensive office goals to each team member’s specific level of wants and needs. Siobhan gave us the tools we needed to understand and communicate with one another in a productive way. Which led to establishing an intentional office culture that we still harness momentum from to this day."

Business Owner
State Farm

Taylor Lambert Samuels

"This program has really shifted my perspective and approach to facing big and small challenges both at work and at home and the structure of the program makes it easy to make time for yourself to grow personally and professionally. I'm so excited to continue this journey!"

Vice President, Human Resources
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Jennifer Rogich

“Siobhan is a true hospitality professional. She is extraordinarily well connected, has strong leadership skills and the confidence and ability to get things done. All this points to a strong understanding of our business and the natural ability to coach and mentor teams in house or externally as an Executive Coach.”

Managing Director
The Carlyle Hotel, A Rosewood Hotel

Tony McHale

“I just wanted to take time to say how much Siobhan has inspired me throughout my journey with convene. She gave me hope and fueled my desire to do/be more. I have never seen someone so loved by every single person they interact with. This is no doubt a testament of the sublime character you show and a perception fueled by an empathetic vision.”

Service Manager
Convene NYC

Joe Barra

“Siobhan is one of the best communicators, motivators, and leaders I have met in my 30 years of business. She has the ability to think strategically and determine how to deliver the message in the most effective manner. Whether speaking to a group of 100 employees or a smaller meeting with senior executives, Siobhan will deliver the proper message and achieve the best results better than anyone I know.”

MidCap Advisors

Douglas T. Hendrickson

“Siobhan created the cultural foundation that has grown into a living organism where people really really enjoy their colleagues. This is one of the few places, the only place, that I can say I really enjoy working with every person. After new employees work here for a few weeks, they agree and experience the values and culture.”

Technology Manager

Jose Hernandez